“It is not sufficient to have begun well, you must also persevere

with courage and finish with resolution”

If you would like to volunteer please follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out Volunteer Form in the School Office
  2. Complete the Fingerprint Process by visiting www.fielprintflorida.com
  3. Attend the Virtus class by registering at www.virtus.org

Thank you to these school parents for volunteering their time and talent to our school. May God bless you and reward you and your family always.

Maria Veneiro

* While your Room Parents are here to serve as liaison between Home and School, you should address any serious concerns directly to the Administration. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

* We always welcome and encourage volunteers at the school events. Please remember that if you would like to participate in school activities, you must have completed the Virtus Training Program. Not sure what ‘Virtus Training’ is? Please contact your Room Mom or any of the H&S Co-Chairs.

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