Good Manners

Ten Commandments of Good Manners

1. Greet any adult, or fellow student, with “Good Morning”, “Hello”, or “Welcome”.

2. Answer any adult with “Yes Ma’am” or “Sir” or answer using the adult’s name. NEVER say “huh”, “yeah”, or “what”.

3. When called from a distance, go TO the person calling you. Do not answer while walking away or yell from another room.

4. STAND UP: When any adult enters the room or classroom, when answering a question for a priest, teacher, or staff member, unless the adult tells you it is a drill or another exercise. This is for the benefit of the whole class, not just for the adult.

5. Use “pardon me” or “excuse me” when you have not heard something. Use this also when stepping in front of anyone, whether adult or your own peers.

6. Step back from the door to allow an adult to enter first. Hold the door open, and let ladies 
enter first.

7. Offer to help carry books, packages, etc. for your teachers, staff members, etc. unless you 
are managing your own heavy objects. Do the same at home for parents or other adults.

8. NEVER read items on teacher’s desk. Never open envelopes addressed to someone else, especially your parents or teachers. This is illegal as well as showing a great lack of respect.

9. When eating: take small bites and chew with mouth closed, swallow before speaking, don’t 
play with food, keep place neat, remove trash, food leftovers, and place them in the trash.

10. Always say please and thank you!

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